About nathan

B.B.E (Industrial Design)
Dip Interior Tech

After previously being involved in the product design industry, Nathan realised that buildings were his true calling, and made his debut as an illustrator for a project home builder as a way to get a foot in the door. From these early beginnings he was able to build experience in drafting and gain a solid knowledge of residential construction method. Nathan joined TONIC with the intent of being involved in responsible, environmental and people-oriented design, factors that are, sadly, missing from Queensland’s residential market. Nathan has enjoyed working on a wide range of projects at TONIC, from small residential extensions to mixed-use towers, both locally and abroad. Nathan is particularly fond of renovation and extension projects, as they allow him to satisfy his inner environmentalist, recycling spaces for living as opposed to using up new land. 

As one of the longest serving team members Nathan is responsible for documentation standards and Quality Assurance and now acts as the Documentation Manager for TONIC. He ensures that the most up to date and cutting edge CAD software technology is available for use while mentoring staff members in the most efficient use of CAD technology.