Here at TONIC we are built of creative people, creativity is table stakes for everyone we hire. Everyone contributes, everyone has ideas and everyone has a voice. The people of TONIC are smart, creative and ambitious. They look at design challenges from different perspectives to find unexpected solutions. TONIC is comprised of designers with experience and abilities across multiple project typologies. The studio has a commitment to design, sustainability and innovation through ongoing training and development; and has an obligation to provide unique people oriented architecture.

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Matt Riley -  Managing Director
Instagram @matttonic

Kimberley Alford - Business Manager
Instagram @kiimla
LinkedIn: Kimberley Alford

Anna Gowen - Architect  / Associate
Instagram @missannagowen
LinkedIn: Anna Gowen

Nathan Ribergaard - Documentation Manager
Instagram @beerasaurus_rex
Favourite Website: bricklink.com.au





Morteza Halimi - Architect
Instagram @More_tezza
Favourite Website: mortezahalimi.com

Lauren Tanner - Architectural Graduate
Instagram @lauren.emily._
Fun Fact: Has travelled to 27 countries + counting

Stella - Office Hound
Fun Fact: Loves a steak